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Mousepad Data+Consulting: Your Process, Complete.

  • Company Overview

    We are American owned and operated

    We do not use offshore services for your data entry needs. Our team of well-trained data entry clerks, document scanning specialists, Quality Control Auditors and Administrative Personnel work skillfully on your behalf and under our direct supervision, with your guidelines and input. In short, we are an extension of your staff, without the cost of having your own personnel.

    We have over 40 years of combined data entry experience, with a database management and design background.

    We are not just a data entry company

    We understand a great many of the database management software packages out there, and even if we haven’t worked with your specific software, we have an understanding of the industry standards of databases and the need for consistency and normalization of your data. We strive to meet your data entry protocols, and help you document what your protocols are, or should be, to help you achieve a normalized database that is conducive to retrieving the data expected. We help you maintain your databases, so you can focus on the real services you offer your clients, without worrying if you will be able to retrieve accurate data in order to provide your clients with excellent service. We also carry Errors & Ommission insurance to assure you that you are covered in the event that there is a claim based on any errors we may have caused in your database. Although, we have never had to file a claim against our policy.

    We don’t price by keystroke

    Unlike most data entry companies, we price by document and average the required keystrokes. This will save you substantially over our competitors price.

    We don’t match competitor pricing, we beat it!

    We are so sure that we can exceed your expectations, we will beat any competitors quote. Just provide us their quote and we will beat the quote by no less than 10%.

    Large data entry project discounts

    We provide discounts for large data entry projects that are ongoing. We definitely consider volume when pricing, which is just another way that we can provide you with substantial savings.

  • Staff Bios

    • A photo of Carrie Anders.

      Carrie Anders President

      I reside in Fishers, Indiana with my husband, Scott, and our three boys. I have worked with database management, design and software engineering for the title industry for just over 20 years. I have a degree in software programming, but have found my true passion in database management. When I started Mousepad Data + Consulting, my goal was to increase the consistency and integrity of our clients databases. I feel that the experience that I have in building databases, managing databases, and custom software design, will be beneficial to you and your database management needs. We pride ourselves in understanding the goals of your data management and retrieval. We have the ability to analyze your data for consistency and set protocols to increase your accuracy and consistency.

    • A photo of Liz Hinshaw.

      Liz Hinshaw Data Quality Control Specialist

      I am a Noblesville, Indiana native. My sister and I were the first set of twins born at Riverview Hospital. I grew up as a Navy brat and came back home to Noblesville where I reside with my husband, Doug, of 34 years, as well as our children and grandchildren. I have participated in database maintenance for the title industry for over nine years. I started with data entry, where I have mastered several different title plant software packages. I have assisted companies in setting data entry standards and protocols for their databases, to help increase their data integrity and consistency. Now my main focus is verification of the data entry that we do. I have had the opportunity to work with the training and development of our staff and I always strive for total accuracy. I enjoy my position with MousePad Data + Consulting because we pride ourselves in integrity and being an extension of your staff .

    • A photo of Angie Pouch.

      Angie Pouch Vice President Data Entry Operations

      I am a lifelong resident of Hamilton County. I reside in Noblesville, Indiana with my husband, Tom, and our two teenagers. I have been with database management, in the title industry, for close to 15 years. For close to half of those years, I have been a part of Mousepad Data + Consulting Services. My main focus has been title plants, which includes data entry for both Recorder’s documents and Clerk’s documents, along with arb mapping and verification. I have had the opportunity to work with and master several different title plant software packages as well as several different training protocols. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside some hardworking, dedicated people, including our MousePad clients as well as our Mousepad team I really enjoy and care about the work that I do. Personally, I feel a title plant is a good foundation to any title company. It is my ultimate goal to make each database as consistent and accurate as possible. I work to fulfill this goal each day.