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Mousepad Data+Consulting: Your Process, Complete.

  • Data Entry Services

    If you can enter it into a computer, then we can enter it for you more efficiently and with less overhead cost. We have a proven ROI that works and can help you realize real substantial savings to your bottom line.

  • Arbing Services

    We can draw legal descriptions for you and maintain county maps for you.

  • Database Management

    We have extensive experience with SQL databases and can help you maintain your database.

  • Search, Commitment, and Policy Typing Services

    We can type your final product for you and have it ready to deliver to your clients, as if you typed it yourself. We will type the first 5 for free for you to analyze our accuracy. Give us a sample of what you want the final product to look like and we will set protocols in place to make sure every product goes out the door with the utmost quality.

  • SQL Reporting Services

    We have extensive experience with SQL Reporting Services and can help you create reports that help you retrieve your data from your database in the format that you want, even if your current software cannot.

  • Data Conversion Services

    If you need your database converted because you are changing software packages, we may be able to help.

  • Image Indexing

    We can provide you with the document scanning and data entry necessary to create the image indexing you need for your document retrieval. Once the document is scanned certain key fields can be keyed by our data entry operators to allow various ways to lookup the image for information.

  • Document Conversion

    We can convert your documents into any of the following formats:

    • Text conversion
    • PDF conversion
    • Word Conversion
    • Excel Conversion
  • Project Management

    We provide a level of project management that is at an exceptional level. After our initial meeting with you, we analyze your needs and put together protocols for our staff that is custom to your data entry needs and your software specifications. We send these specifications back to you for your review and approval. Once we move forward with the project, we do constant audits with our data entry staff to insure that your protocols are being followed perfectly.

  • Project Preparation and Sample Testing

    We will be in constant communication with your when preparing your project, so that we can receive sample documents and go through building the project protocols. This data entry analysis and design stage is at no cost to you and is meant to assist in building your trust in our abilities, turn time, and expertise level, as well as, build the protocols that we will continue forward with.

  • Experienced and Confidential Personnel

    We obtain the utmost confidentiality when processing your documents. As part of your project initiation, we will provide upon request a confidentiality agreement as well as a copy of our current E&O policy. Our current staff has a combined experience level of over 40 years in the data entry industry. All paper documents sent to us for data entry are either returned to you after data entry or shredded, per your preference. All image documents are retained for the period that they are used for data entry and then destroyed or returned to you in electronic format.

  • Audio Transcription

    We can transcribe audio transcription of interviews, conferences, focus groups, teleconferences, dictated material, seminars, meetings, lectures, etc.